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[Examiner] Six ways to kick up your photo results for 2014
January 2014, 3

Honestech Scanner

When you are putting together than amazing video of your family or friends, do you often find you want to add some old, historic photos of your friends taken years ago. You know…those photos actually taken on negative film or slide film. What to do? That sure isn’t digitally friendly material.

It used to be that you had to send your film out to be professionally scanned and burned to photo CD’s. No more. With the Honetech Film Scan&Save, you can easily digitize your images in no time.

35mm slides and negatives can be scanned up to 1,800 dpi giving you nice large 2582 x 1680 pixel images. That’s larger than a typical HDTV image (1920x1280) so your photos will look great even on your big screen TV.

Honestech makes some of the best gear I’ve seen for the beginner. Enough tech to do the job but without all the bells and whistles that make most newbies cringe. Reasonably priced, this is something you might want to look at. Check the video guide.

Honestech also makes a great line of video convertors, video editors, audio recorders and multimedia wireless products. Check them all out at http://honestech.com.

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