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[Mommy Goggles] Claymation 2.0 Review
January 2009, 4

Claymation Studio 2.0
Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have been playing around with Claymation Studio 2.0 and have had a lot of fun with it. What is it? It allows you to capture images using your digital camera, webcam or DV camcorder and add background images, audio and music to create your own stop-motion movies. You can create a storyboard movie and have fun!

What exactly is Claymation Studio 2.0? We have all seen those popular holiday movies that are in clay animation and of course we all remember Gumby, right? That is Claymation. How fun would it be to create your own masterpiece? This is a software that my son loves sitting with me and playing around with.

  • View the frames in sequence for easy editing
  • Add intro or ending credits to your video
  • Add onscreen text or subtitles to your video
  • Adjustable thumbnail size
You can add blue/green screen effects to your video while using the color spectrum tool, apply chroma key effect more accurately. I do not have my finished product because I am still in the process of learning how to maneuver through the program, but so far, we are having fun with it!

Here is a video on You Tube that will show you a very detailed use of this fun software. With Clamation Studio 2.0, the fun and possibilities are truly endless!

One thing that I love about Honest Technology is that you are able to download trials of software before you commit to the purchase. The support is awesome and the user guides are probably the best that I have seen yet! I have some more software to post about, so keep your eye open for some more fun reviews!
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