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[Savin' Some] The Monday Review
December 2008, 30

Monday, December 29, 2008
The Monday Review!!

Audio Recorder 2.0

The Audio Recorder 2.0 is a small device that hooks to your computer and radio at the same time. The audio recorder then converts your old music into digital files that can be enjoyed on a CD and mp3 player. So you can turn you old cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and LP's into digital format. This is a great excuse to finally throw all of those old clunky things away.
The Audio Recorder 2.0 has an easy mode and a more advanced mode. This allows the more experienced users to edit the files, and create exactly what they want.

The VHS to DVD 3.0

This is something that has been very useful for me. I had so many camcorder tapes boxed up, and this was the perfect solution to convert all of those over. This is very similar to the audio recorder, you simply plug it into the VCR and the computer. Another really great feature about the VHS to DVD is that once you have the files in a digital format you can convert it to use on mobile devices. For the beginner the Easy Wizard mode lets you transfer tapes with just one click. If you are more experienced there is a simple 3 step process. This product is available on www.QVC.com

Posted by Brandy at 5:00 AM
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