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[Uber Parents] VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe Review
December 2008, 23

VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe: A Review
by Alisha

Johnny and I have a lot of VHS and mini-DV tapes in drawers in our house.  We have video of high school basketball games and graduation, our wedding, college graduation, and LOTS of home video footage.  After our first baby was born, we of course did a lot of videoing.  We bought some software to convert the mini-DV tapes to DVD.  We then proceeded to reuse the mini-DV tapes.  That means we recorded over the original footage.  NEVER to that.  And I repeat, NEVER do that.

For some reason, we didn't actually watch any of the DVDs to find out the quality of our conversions.  It was VERY poor.  And we no longer had the originals because we had recorded over them.  It still makes me sick to think about it.  We've been trying to find a better way to convert these VHS and mini-DV ever since.  We mainly want to have them saved on our hard drive so that we can back them up and keep them safe.  So if our house were to burn, or something else tragic, we do have the copies saved somewhere else.

So needless to say when I was contacted about trying out VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe by Honestech, I was very hopeful and excited about what this program could do for me.  Here's what we thought about using it:
  • It was very easy to install
  • The included hardware was also easy to use.  It comes with a small video capture device that connect to the computer via a USB 2.0 cable.  I allows both RCA and S-Video input connections. We used the RCA cable that came with our video camera.
  • We used Advanced Mode because we wanted to save it on our hard drive.
  • The max recording time is 24 hours, which is PLENTY!
  • We put in our mini-DV tape that we wanted to copy and pushed play on the camera, and the record on the computer.
  • The default options were all right where we would have put them; best quality, split size (seperate, smaller files, instead of one huge one), and DVD format.
The quality of the video on our computer is great.  So, we burned it onto a DVD, which was super simple.  It took an hour or so to burn, but the results¡|..oh, the results.  We put the DVD into our player to watch it on the TV.  The quality was terrific!  I thought it looked like the uncut footage on a documentary.  Johnny compared the DVD to watching the footage directly from the miniDV through our video camera.  He says the quality straight from the miniDV may be a little better, but only slightly.  

I'm so excited that we finally have a reliable way to make copies of our home videos!!  If you've been looking for something to help you put your home videos onto DVD, I highly recommend this VHS To DVD 3.0 Deluxe

Some of the other really cool programs this company makes are Audio Recorder 2.0 Deluxe and Claymation Studio V2.0.   The Studio Recorder program is for converting analog music such as cassettes, LPs, and 8-tracks to MP3s and audio CDs.  Claymation Studio is a fun program to create your own stop-motions movies.  Sounds like it would be great for older kids who are interested in making videos!
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