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[Elfster's 12 Days of Christmas] VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe
December 2008, 22

Day 10: December 18, 2008

VHS to DVD Converter $79.99 With just a few clicks, you can archive your videotape collection onto DVD/CD. Or create your own DVD/CD movies from your Camcorder, VCR or DVD player. This is a sensible choice for preserving your irreplaceable home videos and provides everything you need to easily transfer your video into VCD, SVCD, or DVD movies, USB 2.0 video capture device/hardware included.
How many websites receive hundreds of kudos and compliments from delighted customers? Elfster does, every year. Since our inception, we've received thousands of emails thanking us for the service and telling us how it helped make their gift exchange with family, friends or colleagues special. It's pretty cool. Our spring 2008 Customer Survey alone inspired participants to send us more than 300 unsolicited compliments about elfster.

About Elfster
Recently labeled as the Web 2.0 of Secret Santas, Elfster is the premier online provider for group-generated gift exchanges. Elfster's mission is to make the joy of giving fun and easy to experience, reviving time honored traditions with new thinking and new technology. Our company's value propositions are simple — provide a service that is easy, fun, useful, and responsible. User benefits include easy sign-up, automated event-organization, expert gift guidance, and now, group-powered green gifting. All for free!

What is a Secret Santa gift exchange?
A Secret Santa gift exchange is a way of exchanging gifts for the holidays that helps add a sense of surprise and anticipation while cutting down on stress and expenses. The group "draws names from a hat." Each person in the exchange is responsible for buying only one gift. When you only have to buy one gift, you can find a fun and thoughtful gift while experiencing less stress and saving money!

Where Elfster comes in
Elfster helps with both organizing an exchange and participating in an exchange.
For organizers, Elfster helps with the logistics of determining who wants to participate, drawing names, and communicating the names that were drawn. All this is done while at the same time maintaining the secrecy of who drew whom.
For participants, Elfster helps find the right gift for the person whose name you drew. For example, you can ask your person questions (such as "What style of music do you like?") that will help you find the ultimate present. But you are able to ask these questions in a way that will not give away your identity. In addition, participants can keep a wishlist to give their Secret Santa ideas of what might be good gifts.

Getting started
Getting started is easy. Simply navigate to Elfster's home page and click on the link that says "Sign me up!" If you aren't already registered, you will be asked to do so. You can then begin creating your first gift exchange! Anyone can use the site and it is available free of charge.

Why we did it
Our family has been enjoying Secret Santa gift exchanges for years. Eventually, some inventive sorts in the family began tinkering with the process using a little bit of imagination and some computing power. In 2004, we decided to let anyone use Elfster because, well, why not?!! Today over 500,000 elves (and growing) are enjoying Elfster. We hope you have fun, too!
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